Weekly tablet organiser for vitamins, supplements, and Medication for Travel, Medicine Storage Box – Premium Quality Food Grade Material






Pop Up Button

Lids of tablet box compartments open by gently pressing push button and corresponding lid will pop open very easily which is friendly for everyone. Our pill dispenser is easy to use, sheerness, sturdiness, value for money. This portable rainbow-colored medication organiser allows you to manage your medicines for different days of the week. Lids are brilliantly colored by universal standard of the weekdays sequence, so that you will not miss a single day.

  • Rainbow-colored pattern
  • Push Button for every single compartment/Box
  • Weekdays Sequence

Light Weight

Using Boxsik Pill Boxes 7 day 1 times a day is an ideal way to keep track of your dose for medication and supplements. If you are taking more than one tablet in a single time then this is more convenient way to take it

  • Having  Large Capacity
  • Weekly Medicine Schudle
  • Compartment are enough to hold 10 fish oil or 13 Vitamin pill and tablets
  • Respective Size L 2.96 cm, W 3.3cm,  H 2.02cm
  • Overall product size is 22.1cm x 5.2cm x 2.4cm

Manage your Medication

Our pill box have unique feature allowing customer to swap the lids at your ease to manage your medication Medicine organiser is very helpful to keep manage your prescribed medicine by the doctor. The design is rigged and not easy to break and you can use it for longer time.

  •   Damaging of the pills is no more
  • Allow you to carry sufficient medicine during journey

Easy Carry

This good looking medicine box is being made of high-quality food-grade plastic material highly recommended by doctors to take medicine safely. The transparent plastic lids will help you to refill the empty boxes. This pill organiser will not crack even if falls down accidently,learn more

  • Transparent plastic lids
  • Highly Quality food-grade plastic materials
  • The weight of pill box is 71g 
  • Printing has passed the 3M adhesives& tapes test
  • Pill pot keeps you away from Large boxes, jars & Bottles

Every doctor recommended

Our Pill box is specially designed for the aged people having difficulty to remember which meds to be taken on daily basis. Just keep them in the case and you can distinguish it with the bold writing of the weekdays and color let you choose easily, learn more

  • Mentioned all weekly days on box
  •  Using this pill box you will not miss a single day 

Daily Medication Reminder

Dosette box close tightly to keep the pill safe while travelling. No concern about pills to be found by kids and pets anymore. This tablet dispenser is perfectly suitable for elders and who may forget their daily medication.

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