Pill Boxes 7 Day 1 Times a Day – Pink Medicine Storage Box Weekly Tablet Organiser for Vitamins, Supplements, and Medications for Travel, Home, and Office Use – Premium Quality Food Grade Material


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  • 【 CONVINENT SETUP 】Boxsik tablet organiser has days of the week marked from Monday to Sunday, making it simple to follow a 7-day-a-week medication routine
  • 【 KEYCHAIN HOLDER 】Slot with pill organiser enables you to hang it with your purse, bags, or hand carry, and makes the pill holder into a visual reminder
  • 【 QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS 】Our tablet box is made of Food Grade, BPA-Free material to keep your weekly pills organiser requirements in consideration of a high-quality tablet dispenser
  • 【 TRANSLUCENT DESIGN 】Of the dosset box alerts you to refill the tablet organiser before you missing a dosage. Transparent, simple and secure weekly tablet box organiser with locks prevent pills from spilling
  • 【 OPTIMAL CAPACITY 】The dosette box is capable of being a daily pill box organiser 7 day, to keep an easy record of on-time medication. Hassle-free weekly tablet planner box
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